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Rushan Beihua for you to explain the usefulness of wax emulsion

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In the fatliquor compound with a small amount of emulsified wax to improve and improve the effect of fatliquor, through the test proved that the leather fatliquor compound 1% to 5% wax emulsion, can improve the filling performance of fatliquor, Improve the fatliquor in the skin fiber permeability
Wax emulsion for the leather industry
(1) wax emulsion can be compounded with fatliquor
In the fatliquor compound with a small amount of emulsified wax to improve and improve the effect of fatliquor, through the test proved that the leather fatliquor compound 1% to 5% wax emulsion, can improve the filling performance of fatliquor, Improve the fatliquor in the skin fiber permeability, increase the waterproof performance of leather, leather feel smooth, soft, plump.
(2) Wax Emulsion is used as an additive for leather finishing
In the leather finishing agent by adding emulsified wax mainly from the filling coating, improve the coating feel, wear, anti-stick and increase the role of gloss and so on. Early production of emulsions such as beeswax, palm wax, waxy wax, waxy wax, white wax and montan wax were used to prepare emulsified wax. The production of these waxes was limited and the price was high. In recent years, the wax was used as the main raw material for the preparation of leather wax. To paraffin as the main raw material can greatly reduce the price of wax emulsion, and the use of the effect is not worse than the natural wax, is a high-grade leather finishing the main additives, can give the leather special brightness and wax. Can be divided into soft wax and hard wax from the use, respectively, for the bottom of the leather, the middle and top coating; from the emulsion of the ionic properties can be divided into non-ionic, anionic and cationic wax emulsion, with different ionic properties Of the finishing agent used; from the dosage form can be made of emulsion or solid emulsion wax. All products of water-soluble very good, stable emulsion, long-term storage is not layered, no floating wax. Can be applied to a variety of leather finishing, painted leather shiny soft natural, feel full of moisture, can improve the leather surface friction resistance.
(3) emulsified wax used as leather brightener, matting agent and feel agent
People on the appearance of leather products have two major requirements, one is to increase the leather luster, such as light leather, paint leather, polishing effect leather; the other is not glossy, leather leather, natural beauty. The former need to use brightener, which requires the use of matting agent. Use different wax emulsion for the top coating of leather, and some can increase the leather luster or brightness, and some can produce extinction effect of leather charm. The composition of the wax emulsion produced by the bright effect is very small, the composition is relatively simple, in the leather surface to form a layer of uniform and continuous wax film, micro-film is very smooth, the light waves produce a strong reflection, which has a gloss The particle size of the wax emulsion, which produces extinction effect, is large, and a non-homogeneous and microscopic uneven surface is formed on the surface of the leather, which produces a strong scattering effect on the light wave. The scattering effect is the root cause of the extinction effect of the matting agent.
Wax emulsion for the construction industry
Reinforced concrete curing agent. Concrete in the curing process, such as the surface of the water evaporation too fast, will make its solidification process a series of chemical reactions can not be completed, and can not reach its surface maximum compressive strength. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent moisture from evaporating too fast during curing of the concrete. For this industry, a thin film curing agent with emulsified wax as the basic raw material has been developed. With this curing agent, unnecessary surface water evaporation is avoided and the hydration of cement is promoted.
Wax emulsion for agriculture
Horticultural practice has proved that the plant mainly absorbs water by the roots, and the evaporation of water is lost from the surface of the leaves. Plant water consumption is not very large, such as the surface of its leaves coated with water vapor spray film, the leaves can be a lot of water evaporation evaporation. The amount of water required by the plant is less than 50% of its total. From the 1960s onwards, the United States and other technologically advanced countries in the field of agriculture, in order to prevent fruit trees, shrubs and so on in the winter dormancy or transplanting during the loss of water, the use of sprayed emulsion wax method, into the 70's, appeared A large number of agricultural emulsified wax patent. Emulsified wax is mainly used for:
Planting of saplings - Before planting pines and eucalyptus seedlings in the field, they are immersed in emulsified waxes. After treatment, the saplings have been significantly affected by enduring transplant effects or in resistant climatic conditions. Due to the evaporation of its leaves on the surface of the reduction, the survival rate has been significantly improved.
Garden nursery cultivation - in the pruning or transplant process, through the emulsion wax treatment, the survival rate can be significantly improved. Such as the need to transplant a large number of shrubs during the dry season, pre-sprayed with emulsified wax to ensure safe transplantation.
Resistant to drought and preservation - saplings and shrubs are well protected against severe arid environments after being sprayed with emulsified wax. After the flowers are picked, they can be pre-soaked in water, and then treated with emulsified wax, the life of flowers can be significantly extended.

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