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Antistatic softener
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Antistatic softener 2ME-1

Name:Antistatic softener 2ME-1
Details :

Standard number of product:Q/RLH001-1999

Technical index: 
1. Appearance:Milk white liquid
2. pH value:6-7
3. Content of solid:8-10%
4. Property:nontoxic, no special smell, noncorrosive and soluble in water,

1. A special softener for fishing net
2. Improve color base granule antistatic property
3. High grade softener in water and sand washing fields
4. Increase hand feeling for chemical fibre and pure wool fabric, especially increase the lustre of dacron and whiteness of white fabric.

25 KG for each plastic barrel;250 KG for each plastic barrel

Stored in cool and ventilating place.

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