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XL Series Sand Surfa

XL Series Sand Surface Powder Specially Used for Paint and Ink

Name:XL Series Sand Surface Powder Specially Used for Paint and Ink
Details :

With the increasing advancement of living standard and continuous change of aesthetic sense, according to the different requirements to the kind and grade in domestic and overseas paint and ink industry, we recently developed sand surface powder together with Beijing University of Chemical Technology. This product can be used as the substitute of import form America. Add 6%-8% this product into paint or ink to form sand surface paint.
The main features of sand surface powder are:
      1. The coat surface has good hand feel that is spray-painted with sand surface paint in which sand surface powder is added, appears three-dimensional appeal and can weaken reflection of light, bring excellent sub-lustrous effect and comfortable feel. It is a promising high-grade paint and ink product.
     2. Excellent dispersibility. Because of the similar chemical properties between sand surface powder and paint, ink, similar density, it can uniformly distribute in the paint and ink, not easy to float and precipitate.
    3. Good resistance to high temperature. It can endure the temperature to about 140°C, even the boiled water and strong sunshine bring no effect, with excellent heat stability.
    4. Uniform particle size. Special process technique brings sand surface powder narrow particle size distribution and can be adjusted according to the clients' requirements.

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