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OPE dampproofing age

OPE dampproofing agent for paper products

Name:OPE dampproofing agent for paper products
Details :

Technical Index:
1. Appearance: white or light yellow emulsion.
2. PH: 8-9
3. Properties: nontoxic, odorless, noncorrosive, pollution-free, easy soluble in water, convenient to use.

They are widely used in the dampproof treatment for paper products such as corrugated case, white paperboard case, honeycomb-like paper products, food packing paper, hardware packing paper, etc.

According to the different production equipment and dampproof requirement, we divide OPE into three different model: OPE-1 type, OPE-2 type and OPE-3 type. These products are cheaper price and lower use level than other similar products, and convenient to use. The detail properties and use method are shown as follows:
     1. OPE-1 type
Applicable for being used in the dampproof treatment for corrugated case, honeycomb-like paper. After being treated, the corrugated case are of strong resistance to water, long service life, beautiful appearance, excellent printing and adhesion performance.
Dilute with 2-4 times of soft water according to the different dampproof requirement, mix uniformly and coating, then dry under the temperature of 80-240°C.
OPE-1 type are used on the production line of carton and paperboard.
    2. OPE-2 type
It is a new type waterproof material for paper products, can be used after finishing printing for paperboard or after making into case. Not to dilute with water and become dry as soon as coating.
Applicable for being used in the dampproof treatment for small-sized carton and honeycomb-like paper products.
    3. OPE-3 type
It is special dampproof agent used for small-sized white paperboard case, directly coat and not to dilute, the use method is similar to OPE-2 type.

Package: 25kg/plastic barrel; 250kg/plastic barrel

Storage: stored in ventilated, shady and cool place (prevent insolation and frostbite)

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